CLI is a team of professional landscape artists with a proven track record for creating and maintaining distinct, 'sustainable' environments that are site sensitive and client responsive

  • Organized Architectural Landscape Construction and Landscape Maintenance.
  • ​Water Conserving Hydro-Zone Irrigation Installations.
  • ​Efficient Irrigation Management.
  • ​Eco-Future-Friendly Turf Grass Management and Low Water/Less Mow Turf.
  • ​Organic proprietary Micro-biotics for Soil and Plant Building Health.
  • ​Integrated Pest Management, including Disease, Insect and Weed Control.
  • ​Gopher, Deer and Critter Control management.
  • ​Attention to Detail Horticultural Pruning Techniques.
  • Seasonal ​Landscape Color Enhancement.
  • ​Renovation and Historical Restorations.
  • ​Site Sensitive, Sustainable Planting.
  • ​Fire Safe Zone Planting.
  • ​Low Voltage Lighting and Special Effects.
  • ​Hardscape and Masonry Construction.
  • ​Retaining Walls.
  • ​Fountains and Waterfalls.
  • ​Stone Walkways and Patios.
  • ​Bio-Balanced 'Live Water' Ponds.
  • ​Salt Water Swimming Pool management.
  • ​Wood, Iron Fencing and Designer Gates.
  • ​Decks and Arbors.
  • ​Skilled Craftsmen, Irrigation Technicians and Plantsmen.
  • Total Concept Project Management.
  • ​On Time/On Budget.​​


 "At CLI we know and love the garden, and constantly solve problems atwork there. Our primary concern is to preserve and protect our client's investment, their enjoyment of the garden's beauty and sense of place."
     Jeffrey D.Powers 


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